Time is flying by for the team at Reef Points. The last couple months have been a whirlwind of racking, bottling, festival tastings and cider deliveries. It's been a great season for cider-focused events. Cider Summit SF was a great time again this year. Dane and I were able to pour our work for thousands in the Presidio, meanwhile check out the work of some of the best cider producers in the west. We also had a great time at the first annual Central Coast Cider Festival in Atascadero last weekend. The guys at Bristol's Hard Cider got all of us local cider nuts together for some post-festivus drink at their cidery.

The production this year has been more unique than ever. We are currently making cider at the beautiful Niner Wine Estates on the westside of Paso Robles. The Niner family's amazing facility gives us the opportunity to ferment, mature and condition ciders in a more advanced and controlled environment than we could ever ask for. Currently, primary fermentations from cold stored apple pressings are finished out. Their settling and maturation is taking place. Solids lay rest at the bottom of oak and are stirred back up into solution every other week. We have a couple trial barrels from bourbon and rye origins in the cellar right now that I'm psyched to see develop over the next month.

Another batch of Kid Neptune is in bottle. It has about 4 more weeks of bottle-conditioning and some 2 months ahead to sit down before release.

We have bottlings in the works over the next couple months. The ciders are sitting patiently, their aromatics becoming more complex, more evolved as weeks pass by. We inevitably and naturally have to work on their time.

Ahead, we are going have a few local tastings coming up and a couple adventures on the horizon. Our Cider Club is growing quick. It's so great to have a gang of cider fans supporting us at the beginning of our venture. We will have some great releases for the club this summer. Cider availability is expanding through the Big Sur coastline, on through Monterey/Santa Cruz. Bottles are making their way into some great little markets in the Bay Area and Marin. Find out here.

In the meantime, we are look forward to the long days and good times ahead. Go on a trip and bring a bottle of Reef Points along with you. Share one with a friend. We'll be here waxin...